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Designing for the Hybrid World of Work

September 15, 2021

As many employers are now bringing employees back into the office and laying the foundations for “the future of hybrid working,” a variety of models have emerged. In this episode we look at the fundamental aspects to consider when designing an office space for hybrid working and we debate what approaches could make or break the success of implementing a new workplace model in the first place.    

Featured guests:

Matt Blain, Managing Principal for UK & Europe, Hassell. Jeff Phipps, General Manager, ADP UK & Ireland.

Topics covered include:

Hassell’s Workplace Futures Survey, access to green space, creating sustainable and healthy workplaces, working together versus being together, adaptive design, free food in the office, workplace models, becoming better collaborators in the office space, flexibility being about ‘we not me’, creating the policies and procedures to use agile work space, understanding culture and belonging, identifying how space supports people, mindset shifts, enabling employees to have a choice.

For more insights on workplace design and hybrid working, check out the podcast Hassell Talks.


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